Important Moments of the Albanian UN life.


Albania was admitted to the United Nations on 14 December 1955, after a decision of the Security Council through SC_resolution_109, recommending to the General Assembly the admission to the UN of Albania and of a number of other countries. 8 countries voted in favor, none against and 3 abstained (United States, China (Taiwan) and Belgium).

Until 1991, Albania was ruled by a ruthless communist dictatorship. The country was progressively self isolated and almost forgotten behind barbed wires. Its positions at the United Nations were guided by the communist ideology and today that part of the history presents little or no value at all. Most of Albanian representatives’ statements during this period are essentially a poor repetition of the same anti-capitalistic rhetorics and have therefore we do not see any reason to be included in these pages.

We have made the choice to include in these pages only Statements and other contribution made since 1991 when Albania truly begun a process of profound transformational change from one of the most brutal dictatorships to a democratic regime and integration into the world mainstreams;

On the 5th of September the General Assembly voted unanimously to designate that day as the International Day of Charity.  The United Nations designates 5 September as the International Day of Charity 

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